Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Stuff! Different Stuff...Kinda....sorta...maybe?

Doing some villains from Batman for the Comic-con Plus this weekend. I think Batman has the best villains in comics. Even the lame ones are pretty fun to me(looking at you Penguin and Scarface). I hope I can get the prints done and looking sharp for the show Sunday. I'm doing a different style or at least going back to when I was a lot looser and crazy. I think they are looking pretty interesting and I definitely want to continue the series. Trying to do one a day or so this week till Saturday... Don't worry true believers, there are more ponies in the works! :D


RachelDP said...

Scareface is NOT lame dear sir! King Tut, now that's a lame Batman villain. ;)

Van said...

Batman has the most diverse and fun rogue's gallery in the comic book universe. The fun in drawing them is adding your own spin. You can make the lame ones less lame- add a flamethrowing chainsaw, no one will even blink!