Sunday, October 31, 2010

Calamari Wrestler!

Welcome to another edition of eb5k at the movies... I love squids and pro wrestling... This movie is pretty fun. The former champ is brought back as a giant squid. It's easy to be confused because it is very obvious its a guy in a costume hence the legs and wrestling boots. If you can suspend disbelief for about an hour and a half you are in for a treat. The acting and tone are pretty straight without too much obvious comedy. Imagine Rocky and a Kaiju movie had a giant wrestling squid as a baby. If you like Executive Koala you would enjoy the movie. This movie preceded EK done by the same director Minoru Kawasaki... It's a lot more straightforward from a storytelling standpoint. It's your typical Rocky style inspirational story of a man(squid)overcoming obstacles on the road to becoming a champion.

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