Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Acme was fun!

What a crazy weekend! After working 17 hours at the two jobs, I drove down to Orlando Friday afternoon. Got to my hotel, which was super nice, ate crappy fast food and passed out. Saturday morning I was up at 730 for the hotel breakfast. It was nicer than the usual bagel and random fruit continental breakfast I usually get. The bacon was suspect but edible. A bagel, eggs, sausage and a couple of chocolate milks rounded out the rest of the meal.
 Got to Acme around 9:30 am, set up my table and chatted with the other attendants. Kate Carlton and Josh Dykstra of NB studios were there and I finally got to hang out and chat that day. Awesome peeps! Solid day. Not super great sale wise but not terrible. Received positive feedback and met a bunch of cool people so that makes the show a success for me. Anna always does a great job at these events and I plan to do more at Acme Superstore.

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