Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GAAM was awesome!

GAAM was a BLAST! Thank you to all that came out... Nice to meet new people and see old friends. Your support for GAAM (as well as myself) has been without a doubt has been the most enthusiastic and sincere I have ever felt as an artist/gamer.

Proud to be a part of the GAAM fam! Words cannot express my thanks and gratitude. More pics and more recap after some recovery time... GAAM ON! :D

Leonardo, Michealangelo, April O' Neil, Panda Khan, Raphael, Foot Soldier, Krang,Casey Jones, Shredder, Mondo Gecko, Rocksteady , Bebop and Donatello have been SOLD. Color print with the original drawing for $25. Non Jax peeps shipping TBD. If you are interested message me here or at edbot5000@yahoo.com! Thanks for the support everyone!

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