Tuesday, December 18, 2012




GAAM was amazing... Thank you to all that came out. The event exceeded my expectations on every level. My heart grew three sizes that night. Logan Zawacki, Ryan Paul Thompson, Derrick Nevado we finally got to work together and I think we have something special here. I am proud to have been part of this event and future events to come...

Thank you to everyone who helped make this vision a reality plus more! Nes Bolante, Nathan Wagoner, Tiger, Cameraman Ken, Klara Cu, and all the folks I left out. Thank you to the vendors, artists, and all the game companies who donated art, games, toys etc. for Child's Play charity. Every Move Is Special /GAAM has a big 2013 planned!

Jacksonville.com pics of the show!

GAAM's facebook page

GAAM official site!

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