Sunday, May 8, 2011

FCBD recap: Cuz you can't, you don't, and you won't...STOP!

Had a blast at Free Comic Book Day! Tons of people who were very supportive of the local art folks hanging out back. I got compared to Scott Pilgrim( Brian Lee O' Malley), Dan Brereton, and Jaime Hewlett. I will take that as a compliment all day every day, guy. Ran into old friends, made some new friends, and sold a bunch of prints! Thanks to everyone who came out, thanks to James and Tim runnin' things at Universe, thanks to fellow local artists Ashley and Rachel for hanging out and thanks to Max of Movement Magazine for inviting me to participate! Y'all are awesome! Now I have to start working on new prints, new paintings for 331 and my solo show in July...Cuz you can't, you don't, and you won't..STOP!

Me and my pal Liz

My display at the shop! The pony was a hit!

Aspire creators: Ashley Lanni(artist),Cosplayer:
Ariel and Rachel Pandich(writer)!


The biggest Jawa (6' at least) I have ever seen...

Master(owner)of the Universe: James gettin' work done!

Millineum Falcon and a creepy Giraffe...

Tim and his new eb5k Nosferatu print!Thanks buddy!

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RachelDP said...

That Jawa was on STEROIDS!!!! UTEEENIIEEEE!!!!