Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/5 Daily Sketch... Demon Sword!

Today's daily sketch is of Victar from the game Demon Sword. Your the village hero fighting the oppressive demon overlord. You end up having this crazy sword with hooks at the end stages of the game. Unfortunately, you are pretty much using the hilt and some crappy throwing stars that only go a few inches in front of the character. The stars just disappear into thin air. At least you can shoot in multiple directions. Demon Sword plays a lot like The Legend of Kage. I thought it was a sequel, but according to Taito its not the case. You can jump really crazy high like a kung-fu movie and usually end up falling into a pit or spikes. Your guy is pretty worthless when you start out and it takes a few levels to become a badass... I loved this game as a kid. Playing it recently, I can say it does not hold up well. If you liked Legend of Kage, give it a try. If you hated that game, you're not gonna like this one!

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