Wednesday, December 31, 2008

eb5k's year in review...

2008 was a pretty good year. I met some really cool artists that I look forward to working with in the future. Brian Gray, SquidDust, Toycrusher, Shea at Flux, Yvonne, to name a few. Thanks for the motivation and your commitment to the local art scene.

Musically, I had a blast playing with The Corporate Whores. This is the funnest band I have ever been in. We had a handful of shows this year and its always a party. We recorded a full length CD and will be working on new material in the new year. I also played with Mike Fout and the Barons. It has been great watching this project evolve over this last year. This band started out as an acoustic act only to have transformed into a blues/honkey-tonk rock band.

Thanks to the folks at Comics and Classics for letting me try my hand at organizing a handful of art shows. Kim, Percy and Rob are great folks to work with. The opportunity will always be appreciated. We were hoping to do more shows, but unfortunately they were one of the many victims of our economic crisis.

Thanks to all my friends who have encouraged and inspired me to pursue art and music over the last couple of years. I was in a funk for long time and now its good to be out doing shows, drawing,painting,and meeting like-minded creative people. I think I made some baby steps this last year, and I hope to seize more opportunities in '09.

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